Venezia by PVII

The Levels of Reiki



The first level of Reiki involves four 2 to 3 hours session during which the story of Reiki is told; the Reiki Precepts are taught; there are four initiations; self-treatment and treating others are taught and practiced.  I give each of my students a notebook with comprehensive information about Reiki and its practice.  At completion of the training, each student has practiced his/her own self-treatment at least twice, has given and received a complete Reiki treatment and is given a certificate that states that they have completed training in the Usui System of Reiki Healing.  The cost for this training is $200.

Level I is complete – students have learned everything they need to put their hands on themselves or someone else.  There is no need to continue on to Level II; it is a choice that many feel called to make.  Reiki II involves opening more deeply to this healing, balancing energy and learning the use of three symbols.  After completing Level I, students are required to practice what they have learned, especially on themselves, for approximately 100 days before continuing on to Level II.  Many choose to practice for much longer before taking Reiki II.


In the second level of Reiki, there is one initiation and the use of three symbols is taught.  The first symbol focuses energy like a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun.  The second gives Reiki directly to the subconscious mind offering healing on mental and emotional levels.  The third symbol sends Reiki through time and space in a very focused way, to someone who is not physically present or to a situation, a relationship, earth healing or world peace.  There are no limits to the healing power of Reiki.  These are very powerful tools that we can use for our own healing and for others.  The cost for this training is $500.


  The third and final level in the Usui System of Reiki Healing is mastery.  This is not just something to do for the fun of it!  Those who pursue Mastery do so because they feel called to practice, live and teach Reiki.  It takes a minimum of a year, often quite a lot longer, of extensive training and internship with a qualified master in the lineage of Hawayo Takata and/or Phyllis Lei Furumoto.  At the end of the training period, there is one initiation and training in the process of initiating others to Levels I and II commences.  The cost for this training is $10,000.