Venezia by PVII

Choosing to Heal

Willingness and acceptance are the first steps toward healing.  Commitment to the healing process, which includes taking Reiki into our own hands, is the next step.  The ideal is for a chronically ill person to take Reiki and support his or her own healing process by becoming actively involved in it, while continuing to receive Reiki treatment from someone else.  We do not heal because someone else is committed to the process; our own commitment is required as well.  Commitment can take many forms – one of them is learning Reiki.  Undergoing initiation as a Reiki practitioner takes the treatment process to a deeper level, bringing this energy into our lives and creating a continuous healing process for body, mind and spirit.

There seems to be a correlation between the length of time it takes to acquire an illness and the amount of time needed to heal it.  Acute problems can be helped dramatically and immediately.  Chronic ailments and addictions require chronic treatment.  With daily treatments, it is possible for the degenerative process to stop, for balance to occur and then for regeneration to begin.  Consistency is the key since Reiki is cumulative.