Venezia by PVII

Bringing Reiki into Your Life

Learning to do Reiki opens us to healing and balancing energy and promotes our own healing, and personal and spiritual growth.  During the course of Reiki training there are four initiations which enable us to re-open a channel through which energy can flow.  The initiations are sequential and cumulative.  All four are necessary for the channel to open and stay open.  Once attuned, we have Reiki for the rest of our lives.

We enlarge our capacity for Reiki in the same way we develop a muscle – through use.  The more we use Reiki, the stronger it becomes – and the larger our capacity both to transmit it and to hold it in our bodies.  Reiki is cumulative, so daily use will have far greater benefit than infrequent use.  Saving up all our tooth-brushing for once a month just doesn't work the way daily brushing does.  The same applies to Reiki, only more so.  Reiki doesn't just maintain us, it helps us to progress in whatever way will serve us the best.  If we use it, it will work! 

Self-treatment is the basis of our practice of Reiki.  Ideally we give ourselves a complete treatment daily.  It doesn’t have to be done all at one time; five minutes here and five minutes there works, however it is not as relaxing as a quiet time set aside for the full treatment.  The longer the treatment time is, the deeper the relaxation and the greater the potential for deep healing.  Spot treatments, treating the place that hurts, are ok – and an entire treatment as soon as possible is desirable.  If I am limping because my ankle hurts, my whole body is being affected.  My healing process will be accelerated if I treat my entire body – paying special attention to the ankle.