Venezia by PVII

About Carol von Kaenel

I first learned Reiki in 1992 from Penelope Jewell.  When I phoned her to inquire about Reiki, she told me, “Reiki is healing for body, mind and spirit; you can do it for yourself and for others.”  I knew immediately that I needed to learn how to do this – for myself, for my own healing.  As it happened, Penelope had a Reiki I class beginning in a few days.  I signed up for it, dove in and began an incredible journey of healing, learning and growing which continues to this day.

Training as a Reiki master in the Usui System of Reiki Healing is intense, demanding, and extensive.  I participated in every class that Penelope taught, at home and away, both Reiki and Empowerment.  I was traveling and learning a lot!  I was required to treat myself daily, to treat others in a formal practice setting and to sit in on classes taught by other Reiki masters, especially those in other lineages.  I read widely about various healing modalities and learned several of them.  There was very little published about Reiki at that time, but what there was, I read.  I sponsored classes for Penelope, thereby learning how to promote Reiki and assemble a class.  I was learning the business end of Reiki, how to embody Reiki and represent it well, and how to support others in their learning process.

Supporting others in their learning process is a serious responsibility – the more I learn and grow, the better I am able to do it.  As a Reiki master, I consider it a benefit to me and an obligation to my students to continue learning and growing, so I participate in annual Reiki Alliance conferences and attend various other related workshops, intensives, and retreats.  I was initiated as a master in 1994 and have dedicated my life to personal and professional mastery.

It takes time to mature in mastery to the point of being qualified and easily able to support someone else on their path to mastery.  I spent six years actively teaching Reiki levels I and II, and attending conferences, workshops, intensives and retreats before taking on the responsibility of training a Reiki master.  It was time well spent.

As a Reiki master, I consider it an honor and a privilege to teach others how to do this wonderful thing for themselves – and for others, if they choose.  I believe that Reiki is the single greatest gift we can give ourselves.  It is profoundly powerful and incredibly simple – hands on, Reiki on; hands off, Reiki off.  If we use it, it will work – full stop.