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About Reiki Treatments

A Reiki Treatment is -

  • is deeply relaxing and comforting
  • catalyzes the body’s natural ability to heal
  • stimulates the immune system
  • has continuing effects for hours and even days after the treatment
  • reduces stress, pain and inflammation.
  • can be used on animals and plants in addition to people
  • is non-manipulative, non-invasive, and non-intrusive
  • supports all other forms of healing, including medical treatment, by bringing your body to a place of balance where healing can occur
  • supports your body in releasing physical symptoms
  • can reduce/relieve pain, especially chronic pain, by bringing your body to balance
  • reduces frequency and/or severity of opportunistic diseases that often occur in immune compromised conditions

During a Reiki treatment -

  • you lie on a table fully clothed and covered with a sheet or blanket
  • the practitioner’s hands are placed in a specific sequence of positions on your head, chest and back.  They rest gently in each position for approximately 5 minutes.  The entire treatment takes about 1½ hours.
  • diagnosis is unnecessary, so there is no need for you to share the details of your medical condition
  • conversation is unnecessary and whatever you choose to say will be held in total confidence
  • please let me know if you feel uncomfortable for any reason (too hot, too cold, etc.) - at any time.  This treatment is for you.  I would like to do whatever I can to ensure your ease, comfort and relaxation.              
  • relax and enjoy - there is nothing that you need to do, think about or focus on

When receiving a Reiki treatment, you  -

  • remain fully clothed and covered with a sheet or blanket
  • may be silent or may talk
  • may fall asleep
  • may experience a variety of sensations, such as:  relaxation, comfort, heat, cold, tingling, pressure, lightness, heaviness
  • and occasionally discomfort on the way to balance as you release useless old stuff
  • may experience emotions or remember things from the past
  • may experience little or no physical sensation.  This does not diminish the benefits of the treatment.  It only means that you are not perceiving Reiki in a physical way.
  • may experience benefits of the treatment for days afterwards